The Morrison Law Group provides high quality legal representation tailored to the needs of the particular client.
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We have a dispute resolution approach which permits the client, when needed, to effectively place a matter before a trier of fact.


































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The attorneys at The Morrison Law Group have served the interest of a broad array of general contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, construction managers and other professionals involved in the real estate field as well as a number of product manufacturers including:

John Agee Doing Business As Yorba Linda Remodel
(Binding Arbitration-March 2007)

American Heavy Rigging and Moving Company
(Superior Court Bench Trial-September 2001)

Anvil Steel Corporation
(Superior Court Bench Trial-December 2005)
(Binding Arbitration-October 2006)

Arbor Tree Service
(Superior Court Jury Trial-May 2003)

Bilan Construction
(Superior Court Jury Trial-October 1998)

Cast In Place Construction, Inc.
(Binding Arbitration-January 2010)

Frize Corporation
(Superior Court Jury Trial-July 2005)

Joe Byrd, Inc. dba Van Nuys Scaffold
(Superior Court Bench Trial-February 2003)

Pacific Relocation Consultants
(Superior Court Jury Trial-November 2004)

PCW Contracting Services, Inc.
(Superior Court Bench Trial-December 2006)
(Binding Arbitration-July 2010)

Robert Dollar Building Associates
(Superior Court Jury Trial-June 2004)

S&S Rent A Fence Company
(Superior Court Jury Trial-May 2003)

Savala Equipment Company
(Superior Court Jury Trial-October 2004)

Smart Educational Consultant
(Jury Trial – February 2014)

Western Construction and Maintenance Company
(Binding Arbitration -July 2002)

Western National Property Management
(Jury Trial - June 2008) 

WF Construction
(Municipal Court Bench Trial-April 2002)

Yorba Linda Remodel
(Binding Arbitration-March 2007)

Current clients, insurers or third party administrators which provide assignments to the Firm include:

Admiral Insurance Company

Anvil Steel Corporation

Asphalt Fabric & Engineering, Inc.

Chapman Coast Roof Co., Inc.

Howard Roofing Company

Jacobs Engineering Group

Junior Steel Co.

PCW Contracting Services

Through Admiral Insurance Company and other entities, the Firm, at present, is representing over fifty (50) property owners, property managers and contractors in a wide array of litigated matters.


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