The Morrison Law Group provides high quality legal representation tailored to the needs of the particular client.
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The Morrison Law Group announced its formation on April 21, 2006. The Firm is headed by its principal, Edward F. Morrison, Jr., a veteran trial lawyer and maintains its offices in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.

The Firm's principal, Edward F. Morrison, Jr., in a statement issued February 28, 2023 said:

Nearing the completion of its 17th year of service (our 17th Anniversary being this April), the Firm has taken five jury trials, two court trials and five binding arbitrations to verdict or award. The Firm was also successful in obtaining an Order and Alternative Writ from the Court of Appeal where the trial court was directed to grant a motion for summary judgment based on the statute of limitations.  The Firm also won summary judgment in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on behalf of an architect client who had been sued by an individual unit owner (with the court finding no duty as a matter of law).  The Firm also won summary judgment in the Ventura County Superior Court on behalf of a contractor based on the limitation of liability in a commercial lease (which was upheld on Appeal).  The firm also achieved a significant victory in a binding arbitration where the award was less than five percent of the amount demanded (the final award  was net in favor of the client due to a statutory offer).  The Firm has also collected and/or assisted in obtaining settlements totaling over $5,000,000 in a variety of construction, contract and business litigation matters, has been approved by a number of major insurers for various matters and has taken on over 1,000 assignments since its founding in April 2006.  The Firm has also published 200 editions of The Morrison Law Journal.  I am excited about the continued progress and growth in the law firm's practice.”


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